Created by HR professionals who understood the real needs of the market in the Human Resources area.

RHHR was created by HR professionals who, after a long period working in the corporate world, understood the real needs of the market in ​​Human Resources.
Our main differential is to be specialized in people and passionate about what we do, constantly pursuing excellence in everything we do.
For us it is very important to know our clients, their culture, their goals, and their needs; understanding the characteristics of the organization to offer the best solution to every demand.

We are constantly studying and searching the best practices in people management, always bringing innovation to our customers, generating the best results in an assertive and strategic way.

As a one stop shop concept, we can offer solutions to every HR demand: labor, payroll, legal and people management. Get in touch with us and find out how RHHR can contribute to your company’s’ success and growth providing you the best HR solutions in the market.


Contribute positively and continuously to people's development.<br />


To be a reference company in the provision of human resources services in Brazil and worldwide.


Transparency, Respect, Excellence, Innovation and Social Responsibility.

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